Cookies On Your Website

For a long time now cookies have been used on websites, and their use has been a contentious issue, so much so that some years ago the powers that be decreed that all sites had to include a cookie warning message.

The fact was though, most ignored the rules.

When GDPR came into force the rules surrounding cookies and their use, and more importantly the way users could control their use, changed.

This time around most didn't ignore the new rules, but the fact is, most are getting them completely wrong, and violating their site users privacy in the process.

Here's what should be happening…

  1. When a user first lands on your site, if non-essential cookies are in use, typically from the likes of Google, or YouTube etc. the content that loads the cookie (YouTube video etc.) would be loaded, and the site visitor should be asked to consent to cookies.

  2. If they consent, the content can load (normally by an automated page refresh) the cookie installed and everything is hinky dory.

  3. If the user changes their mind and wants to revoke the content and remove the cookie, they should be offered a simple way to do it.

  4. Once they've revoked permission and removed the cookie, the content will be removed, in some cases bringing back the cookie box again.

On most sites, though it doesn't. On most sites the content that loads the cookie installs as the page is displayed, a warning box appears asking if you consent to cookies, you click OK, and the cookie box disappears.

But what if you or your website users don't consent? What if your users don't want any non-essential cookies installed? If your site is like most, you've just violated your user's privacy by introducing a cookie without consent, and that's not good.

Or what if your user's consent, then changes their mind? Most websites don't offer a facility to remove the cookie.

And it's not just small business websites that are falling over on this, even the biggest sites out there breaking this critical rule.

But not ours.

ALL Caffeine Injection sites are 100% GDPR compliant. When a user lands on one of our sites they get asked if cookies can be installed. Until they consent, no content that loads a non-essential cookie is loaded. Once they consent, the page refreshes and the content (and cookie) are loaded.

If they want to revoke permission and remove the cookies, they just go to the cookies page and revoke permission.

If your site uses cookies (almost all do) and your site doesn't have this functionality, maybe it's time to speak to us?

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