Macbooks cutting out- New battery

My 2010 (OLD!) 17in Macbook Pro has always cut-out randomly for no apparent reason when not running a genuine Apple battery. I've finally worked out why and it's not the battery, per se.


Sendy & 403 Error

Getting a 403 (or other) error when you are trying to save a new campaign in Sendy? This might be the problem.


Style Doobox Contact From

Although old, Doobox Contact Form continues to me a popular choice, as it's just so simple to use, but it does lack styling.

So here is the code you need to change most aspects of the form.


Poster Categories As Buttons

Poster, the rather brilliant and versatile stack from Instacks has a great facility for displaying categories and tags on the page. This code takes things one step further and turns them into buttons.


Cookies On Your Website

For a long time now cookies have been used on websites, and their use has been a contentious issue, so much so that some years ago the powers that be decreed that all sites had to include a cookie warning message.

The fact was though, most ignored the rules.


Adding Robots.txt to Rapidweaver Sites The Easy Way.

Adding a robots.txt file to your websites is handy thing to do. To do it is really simple: You just create the file in a text editor and drop it at the root of your site using FTP. Some Rapidweaver users though are not comfortable using FTP and worry if they're creating the file correctly in a text editor. So here is a way to create and publish the file entirely within Rapidweaver.
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