Adding Robots.txt to Rapidweaver Sites The Easy Way.

Adding a robots.txt file to your websites is handy thing to do. To do it is really simple: You just create the file in a text editor and drop it at the root of your site using FTP. Some Rapidweaver users though are not comfortable using FTP and worry if they're creating the file correctly in a text editor. So here is a way to create and publish the file entirely within Rapidweaver.

To learn more about the robot file read this.
1. First off click the add button to add an ew page to your project and select "HTML Code" from the page options.
Stacks Image 1261
2. Name the new page "Robots", or something else memorable. (It doesn't matter what you call it, this is only for your reference.)
Stacks Image 1266
3. Open Inspector, click General Settings and add the setting EXACTLY as pictured below…

Title: Blank
Folder: / (*see point 4 below to cope with warning popup)
Filename: robots.txt

Stacks Image 1271
4. When you set the folder location to / you will get the warning popup below. Just click OK and move on.
Stacks Image 1276
5. Add your required content to the robots file. In this instance I've added an instruction to completely block Yandex, but you can add whatever you want.
Stacks Image 1281
That's it, you've now created your robots.txt file and on the next publish it'll be put in place and start working.

You can apply this process to any text file you want to place on your server, just give it the correct name and change the folder location accordingly in the Inspector settings.
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