This project uses Blankstrap. A free theme from Instacks:

It should work with any theme however.

As well as some default Yourhead stacks which are installed when you add Stacks, PosterCart uses the following stacks

1. Poster (Instacks)
2. Cart2 (Yuzool)
3. UsefulStack (Stacks4Stacks)
4. Spacer (Stacks4Stacks)
5. Sticky Grummage (Big White Duck)
6. Custom Font (Instacks) (Bundled free with Poster when purchased with Cart2)
7. Ghost Button (Instacks) Bundled free with Poster when purchased with Cart2)
8. BluePrint (Big White Duck)

Other than Poster & Cart2 all of these stacks come either bundled with Poster or Cart2 or are freely available from the Devs.



All images are contained within the project, dropped into their respective stacks. They are also in the zip file downloaded.

Product images are 1200px wide for the purpose of the lightbox. If you need to speed the page up, reduce these in size and disable lightbox in Poster.

Clear Filter button

The clear filter button returns the user back to the original page, removing any tag or category filter
applied, at the top of Poster. You need to edit the button url to suit your install.

Success & Fail pages

These pages are optional. They are used within the Cart2 settings to decide what page users are returned to after successfully completely checkout/payment, or failing to do so.

If you use them, you need to add your content to the page then add the absolutely URL for these pages to the settings in Cart2.

Please note: When adding the Success/Fail page URL's to Cart2 DO NOT do so by selecting the page in your project. Select URL and add the ABSOLUTE URL to the page.

It's best not to include these pages in the site menu.

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PosterCart is made by BaskervilleMe and is provided "as is" for free use.