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Since throwing this blog together the other day it's now had quite a bit of time spent on it, and people seem to like it. So I decided to rip out all the additional stuff and strip it back to just the main blog section, then zip it up and offer it as a free download.
The main blog section of this page (this bit, here, that you're reading now) is made using Instacks brilliant Poster stack. You'll most likely see Poster used in it's "FlexBox" layout, but here I'm using it in it's "RW Blog" layout. So-called, because it mimics the built-in Rapidweaver blog.

On top of the RW layout, I've added a load of stuff to make the blog do all sorts of fancy things as the screen size changes. The idea being keep the content front and centre.

Since publishing this new blog a couple of days ago I've had quite a few comments on it, some thought it was the RW blog that I'd somehow managed to style in Foundation, once I told them how it was done they mostly went "cool, can I have a copy?"

So here it is.

I've taken this page, stripped out all the header and footer stuff and replaced all my regular stacks with either Foundation stacks, or free stacks from Big White Duck and Stacks4Stacks.

You will, of course, need the full suite of Foundation stacks, and Poster for it to work!

It goes without saying… DON'T BE A FREELOADER! Donate to the free stacks devs. Don't worry about donating to me, if you're ever lucky enough to meet me in the pub, buy me a pint.

All the links you need for the free stuff are on the notes page contained in the downloaded project.

This has been a bit of a rushed last minute job, so any questions or issues, use the forum or contact form.

More details here, download it here.
Some great stuff here, Steve, thanks very much for making it available!
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