iMac Constantly Writing To HDD

For ages now my iMac has been almost constantly writing to the hard drive, classic signs of dying hard drive you (and I) might assume, but more ram sorted it!
My main work machine is a mid 2010 27in iMac. It's old and has had a hard life: The machine is set to always on due to running a few 24/7 processes and it lived a lot of it's life in a dusty bike shop.

I should upgrade it, but new ones are daft money and absolutely not user upgradable. Bad Apple.

The near constant writing to the hard drive was I assumed a sign that the hard drive was on it's last legs, even though First Aid said it was in fine condition. Still, best to swap it out, most likely for the spare 500gb SSD that's been sitting unused in my drawer for the last six months.

I bought the SSD to go into the iMac but I just can't be arsed to rip it apart and fit it. Bad me.

I kinda thought this machine was maxed out on the ram, it's the first thing I do when I get a new machine, but no, when I checked it was only sporting 12gb not the max, 16.

I had an inkling that the constant writing might be the swap file, being that I do tend to run a lot of stuff at once, so I installed a RAM monitor. It reported that most of the time my system runs with about 20% of spare RAM: In theory enough, but we all know how computers like a lot of spare stuff, so I figured I'd add some RAM.

£80 later some new Crucial Ram landed, ten minutes later it was installed, and lo, an almost silent machine! NO MORE CONTSTANT HDD WRITES!

In fact, in the time it's taken to write this, the HDD hasn't been written too, not once. That's unheard of for this machine.

So, there you go. If your older iMac is suffering constant HDD writing, not assume the worse, check your RAM usage, and if it's getting low throw some more at it.

One day I will install that SSD, I mean, after eight years of use, the HDD is due to fail soon. And we all know just how much of a PITA dealing with a failed HDD is, so really, I should just get on with it and replace it.

To not do so is daft and taking unnecessary risks.

But hey, that's me, life in the fast lane and all that.

Now, where's me slippers?
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