Grammarly And Online Forms.

Today I was adding a new feedback form to a clients website and hit some display issues, two hours later I worked out it was the Grammarly Chrome extension.
What was happening

Most of the form was radio button, checkboxes and single line text fields. One field was was multi-line text input area.

Everything worked fine, except the text area. As soon as you clicked in it the box disappeared.

For the next two hours I went through the accepted procedure to find the problem… Nada. I eventually had the entire page stripped back to only the text area input, and it still did it.

I checked all the css, nothing wrong there. Checked nothing was out of place anywhere, all good.

I threw in the towel and posted to a forum for help.

Then I went back to it and spotted it…

If you use Grammarly (if you write, you should) you can add the extension to Chrome so Grammarly checks everything as you type. As it does this the little Grammarly icon spins in the bottom corner of the container your typing in.

I spotted that after I typed a bit the Grammarly icon appeared and spun, this was the point the box disappeared.

Solution: Turn off Grammarly extension for the form. Sorted.

In hindsight, when the issue first appeared I should have tested in a different browser and/or turned off extensions. But there you go, two hours of my life lost but a lesson learnt.
By the way, I don't use Grammarly here, this is my one freedom from constant correction ;-)
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