Free Foundation Project.

I'm nearly finished making my first free to use Foundation project. It doesn't have a name as yet.
Right now the project is more or less finished, but only in the format that I'll be using. You can see it here: This version has some paid for stacks and is themed for a mobile mechanic.

The eventual free version will be made using only Foundation and BWD stacks and have a less restrictive theme.

It's a really simple one page project which uses a not yet release stack for the modals. The idea is for the modals to "feel" 100% part of the site, not an after-thought. A lot of effort has gone into getting the various open/close/menu icons to line up 100%.

I've also added a slightly different way to use Foundations Orbit slider: It's delivering full size content pages with a fairly unique navigation system. This navigation system isn't perfect yet, but hopefully it will be soon.

I need to do some more work to it and the modal stacks needs to get it's official release, once these two things has happened, I'll release it.