First Week March '18 = Bikes.

First week of March and I got to ride all my bikes, on different days.
If I say that it's now March and I've ridden all my bikes, it makes me sound like a biking snowflake, who only rides when the weather improves. But fuck it, I'm too old and too long in the tooth to care, so yeah, give or take a few shorties between the cutting wind, torrential rain and drifting snow, the first week of March was about the first time I got to do some proper miles.

I kept my winter legs thanks to the spin bike, but really got very few real miles in over Winter, and I didn't go near the mountain bike.

But by the 10th March I'd done a proper long one on the heavy "tourer" (pictured), a shorter fast one on the gravel bike and a lovely sunny but muddy loop of the local trail on the MTB.

So I'm happy with that.
My Image
The Marin Lombard and me (out of shot) looking out at the Irish Sea.
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