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Concorde Columbus

I'm slowly sorting out my store of old/unused bikes. No idea how many are in there yet, still trying to find the back of the container! In the meantime, if anyone can date the Concorde in this picture, let me know.

Add Video To Webpage

Getting video to autoplay across most platforms on most devices can be a bitch. Apple (Safari) and Google (Chrome) are constantly moving the goalposts. This (for now) works.

GDPR Article

A while back i was asked to write an article on GDPR for a bike trade publications. As I've been working on the launch of a new GDPR compliant mailing list service for the last few months, I figured I'd make the article about that area of the new regulations.

Grammarly And Online Forms.

Today I was adding a new feedback form to a clients website and hit some display issues, two hours later I worked out it was the Grammarly Chrome extension.

Mailing List Management

Mailing lists are a fantastic marketing tool but a bit of a nightmare to manage, especially with the new GDPR regs coming in soon.

Here is a great Rapidweaver solution.
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